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Keeping Parrots

Given enough space in an enclosure, many parrots get along with members of their own species. They need enough personal space to make things comfortable, and need a quiet space to calm down after arguments. Parrots often fall out, just like humans, but will soon make up again.

parrot lovebirds cockatiel budgies
Not all parrots get along, so be careful how you mix & match

There are potential problems as soon as you start mixing species, though. Budgies, Cockatiels, Hanging Parrots and Conures are said to be the most chilled out and socially flexible parrots. At the less tolerant end of the scale you'll find the Cockatoos, Caiques, Lories, Lovebirds and Macaws. These are argumentative and sometimes aggressive towards different parrot species - especially if they're newly introduced to an enclosure.

While a minor fall-out between ill-tempered parrots can result in lost feathers and a few scratches, a violent attack can actually end in serious injury or even death.

There are three cardinal rules:

  1. Never mix large species with small species
  2. Check with the breeder or seller to see if your mix of birds is going to be suitable.
  3. Never put a new bird in a cage or aviary – even if it's the same species as your existing parrots – without seeking advice first

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