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Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 9ft Run Package - Purple

by Omlet (1 review)

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Rabbits and I Like It, Predators Don’t! - Jennifer,

This is my fourth Omlet animal shelter. I have three Omlet Cubes for my chickens in addition to the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch. This was relatively easy to put together, though I struggled some with the run. It is much easier to watch the video and follow that for construction. The hutch is easy to move, and the rabbits like being able to have fresh grass it holds two adult and two young female rabbits without crowding with the 9-foot run. They spend most of their time outside. The hutch does not seem quite as well constructed as the cube but it is sturdy enough for a few rabbits, and the best part is Sylvia, my escape artist, has not been able to get out of this. The wire bottom for the run is perfect. They are able to eat the grass through the openings but not get out. And so far no predators have gotten in! I have foxes, coyotes, raccoons, hawks, owls and other critters who would love a rabbit snack, but they are unable to get at my bunnies.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 New Zealand pets

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