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Zippi® Rabbit Run Platforms - Create More Space in Your Zippi Run

Designed to easily clip onto the double height Zippi Runs, these strong Zippi platforms enrich your bunny’s run with new areas to explore and exercise on.
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8 Things You’ll Love About the Zippi Rabbit Platforms

The Zippi Platforms allow you to add a new exciting level to your rabbits’ run, encouraging interactive play and exercise. Zippi Platforms offer children and their pets new ways to play and interact together.

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  1. Instantly increase the useable space
  2. Enrich the run with new levels to exercise and relax
  3. Safe, sturdy structure designed to fit the Zippi Runs
  4. Entertain your pets with Zippi Shelters and Play Tunnels
  5. Add more platforms any time with extensions kits
  6. Rabbits will love looking out from the elevated position
  7. Keep platforms clean with easy to wipe, non-slip surface
  8. Pets can use all year, with insulated panels and shade below

Instantly Increase the Useable Space in Your Zippi Run

The added level will enrich your rabbits’ run, giving them both excitement and relaxation. With Zippi Platforms, your rabbits will have even more space to exercise, play, groom, rest and snack!

Rabbits love to hop, skip and jump, and with the new Zippi Platforms your bunnies will have even more space in their Zippi Run to enjoy.

The Zippi Platforms provide new heights and possibilities for exercising, playing, grooming and resting. Not only do the platforms give your pets an even bigger area to enjoy without interfering with the floor space below, they also transform your pets' run into a fascinating bunny playground with multiple levels to explore.

Please note that the platforms are only compatible with the Zippi Rabbit Runs, not with Omlet's Outdoor Rabbit Run or a DIY enclosure.


Why not position a Zippi Tunnel entrance at the top half of your Zippi Run, so your rabbit can pop out of the tunnel onto a Platform where they can survey their surroundings? The Zippi Platforms really provide endless possibilities for bunny playtime!

Enrich the Run With New Levels to Exercise and Relax

Adding a new level to your Zippi Run will help bunnies activate muscles that they would use in the wild.

Compared to a one-level run, having an additional floor in your rabbit’s enclosure boosts exercise opportunities, helping the bunnies activate muscles that they would use in the wild to climb up and down underground mazes and tunnels. Jumping on and off a raised area helps to keep muscles and bones strong, which is why platforms are recommended as an essential bunny accessory by vets and animal charities.

Adding new levels and accessories to your rabbits’ run will also encourage exploration and adventurous play, stimulating their minds and activating their natural instincts.


Hang an interactive and slow-release feeder, such as the Caddi Treat Holder, above the Zippi Platforms for your rabbits to search out and enjoy!

Safe, Sturdy Structure Designed to Fit the Zippi Runs

The Zippi Platforms feel safe and sturdy underfoot thanks to the strong panels and wire support frames.

Zippi Platforms are incredibly strong and will not flex or bend when your rabbits are on them. The platforms all come with a wire support frame which adds extra stability to ensure the floor feels safe and sturdy underfoot, so rabbits of all sizes will be able to enjoy the platforms to the full without any stress!

The Zippi Platforms panel packs and Corner Platforms have been designed to perfectly fit the double height Zippi Runs, and they easily attach to the side mesh panels at any height to create a fascinating structure that your rabbits will feel safe running up and down exploring.

"Very sturdy product and easy to fit. Rabbits eat on it, relax and play. It’s a great way to utilize the higher space in the run and create more space for the bunnies.”

Lisa, Verified Omlet Product Tester

Entertain Your Pets With Zippi Shelters and Play Tunnels

Accessorize your platforms with a Zippi Shelter and Play Tunnels for bunnies to explore like mazes and burrows in the wild.

For a happy and healthy bunny, it is important to provide your pet with a range of exciting toys in their run to encourage physical exercise and mental stimulation. The Zippi Platforms are a great way of making space in your rabbits’ enclosure for even more toys!

Provide a cozy hideaway on top with the Zippi Shelter, a place where your rabbit can go for protection from the elements, a quick nap or for a thrilling game of hide and seek. Thanks to the specially designed Zippi Shelter Fixing Pins, the Shelter can be firmly attached to the platform, making sure your rabbit can have a completely relaxed nap. You can add fun Play Tunnels above or below the Zippi Platforms too, for bunnies to explore like burrows in the wild.

Add More Platforms Any Time With Extensions Kits

Zippi Platforms offer a modular system which you can adapt or extend at any time.

The Zippi Platforms offer a customizable and modular solution, making it easy to find the perfect kit for your Zippi Run setup. If you choose to expand your Zippi Run in the future, you will easily be able to add more platforms, either to make the top floor space deeper, or to place a new system of platforms on the opposite side, so your pets can run down one ramp and straight up another!

While the Corner Platform cannot be extended, you can easily install a couple of Corner Platforms opposite each other for your rabbits to skip between. And don’t forget, you can add additional accessories such as Play Tunnels and Caddis at any time too!

Rabbits Will Love Looking Out From the Elevated Position

Rabbits Will Feel Secure Up High, and Safely Sheltered Below Curious rabbits will love surveying their surroundings from up high on the Zippi Platforms.

As well as providing an exciting additional level to the run, your rabbits will also benefit from the safe and secure feeling they get while watching the world from a vantage point high up on their platform, almost like a lookout tower.

Use our range of Zippi Run covers to provide weather protection around your Zippi Run so your rabbits can enjoy their Zippi Platforms and stay warm and dry. A Zippi Shelter could be positioned on the Platform to add a cozy hideaway for wet and windy days, and bunnies will also appreciate the sheltered spot the platforms offer below the extra level. It’s the perfect place to relax and sleep, or to get some shade from the sun.

Keep Platforms Clean With Easy to Wipe, Non-Slip Surfaces

The non-slip surface of the platforms are super easy to keep clean, just give them a wipe and they’ll look good as new. The waterproof platforms are super easy to keep clean, just give them a wipe and they’ll look good as new.

The Zippi Platforms are easy to keep clean, ensuring a happy and healthy environment for your rabbits. Simply hose down or wipe clean with a pet-safe disinfectant, and all components of your Zippi playground will come out good as new. Keeping your rabbits’ run safe and hygienic has never been easier!

As well as being strong and sturdy, the Platforms also have a non-slip finish to ensure your rabbit feels safe to run and skip across the floor without fear of slipping over.

Pets Can Use All Year, With Insulated Panels and Shade Below

The platform panels are all insulated and waterproof, and the sheltered spot underneath will protect your pets from the elements. The platform panels are all insulated to ensure a comfortable temperature underfoot all year round.

Rabbits adapt well to cold temperatures, enjoying outside play throughout winter, and the Zippi Platforms are a weatherproof accessory your rabbits will love to explore all year round. The Zippi Platforms are insulated to ensure the floor under your rabbits’ feet is a comfortable temperature. Place Zippi Run covers over the platform area to keep them dry for rabbits to enjoy in wet weather.

In summer, the additional shaded area below the Zippi Platforms offers a comfortable space where your pets can snooze away hot summer afternoons, making sure there is never a day when your rabbits can’t enjoy their new run accessory!

"When used under a cover, the platforms offer a dry surface where they can give themselves a good grooming. An excellent addition to their run, like a loft conversion for bunnies.”

Ruth, Verified Omlet Product Tester

How to Use the Zippi Platforms in your Zippi Run


Do: allow two Zippi Run panel lengths (3ft. 1in) for the rabbit to safely run down the ramp, as shown by the arrow here. Zippi Platforms should be fitted to an enclosed double height run, and platform panels should fill the width of the run.


Don’t: install Zippi Platforms in a single height run for rabbits, as it will be too cramped for them, as shown by the red arrow here. If you have 2 or more platforms they must fill the width of the run with no gap. A corner platform can be installed by itself with the correct support (included in corner pack). Zippi platforms cannot be fitted to open playpens, Zippi starter packs or Omlet's Outdoor Rabbit Run.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend placing treats up the ramp to the platforms to encourage your rabbits to go up, however, it may take them a couple of days to get familiar with the new accessory.
The Zippi Platforms are suitable for use with all breeds of rabbit up to a combined weight of 33 lbs.

The Zippi Platforms should only be used in double height Zippi Runs for rabbits, as they would be too cramped in a single height run.

A corner platform can be fitted in any size double height Zippi Run, or if you want multiple panels, you should fill the width. For example, if your Zippi Run is 3 panels wide, you should install 3 platform panels to fill the width.

The Zippi Platforms are made from HDPE with steel wire frame supports. Each panel measures 1 ft. 7 in. x 1 ft. 7 in., the ramp measures 2 ft. 9 in. x 9.4 in., and both are 0.9 in. thick.

While tough, the Zippi Platforms are not completely chew proof, and some determined rabbits may be able to mark the plastic. We recommend additional strong chew toys for rabbits who love to chew!

No, the platforms are only compatible with the Zippi Rabbit Runs.

Verified reviews

Zippi® Rabbit Run Platforms - Create More Space in Your Zippi Run

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So happy with this purchase. It's so strong and well made. I was worried at 1st but so happy i bought the run and platforms. Very very well worth it. Well done Omlet for this design. It is the best and so versitile. Thank you.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 1 panel extension kit
The reviewer has 1 pets
Zippi Runs are amazing!
I purchased two Zippy runs last year and was so very impressed with the quality and also the way they look too. I couldn't resist adding to them with two platforms and ramps. I'm impressed with the build quality and ease of fitting too. I do know Omlet items can be pricy but they are totally worth it and I'll defiantly been adding more items and possibly more runs too. Well done Omlet!!!
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 8-10 Multi breeds pets
Duck ramp
Ducks are among the sweetest creatures on earth. But they are messy. And tasty to predators. After losing 2 to raccoons, I had to find a safe home. I bought a small cage that was safe but had to be moved every 2 days to a fresh location. To solve the space & safety problem, I found Omlet. To solve the problem of the mess, I had 4 frames built, stretched hardware cloth over each & elevated those over an 8x8’ raised garden bed. With the wire floor, I can hose that down keeping the area clean. But now they’re 1 foot off the ground. Ramps solved that issue. This is an ongoing experiment but for now working well for Scarlett & Pearl.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - Ramp
The reviewer has 2-4 Ducks pets
All Hail my the Zippi Platform King!
Danielle, Wisconsin,
I could NOT be happier with this purchase. My sweet bun-buns are so happy with the added space this give them and the entertaining value of climbing to a second level and having a throne to sit on!
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 2-4 Lionhead pets
Rabbits love these
Rebecca, Dorset,
My rabbits love being up high and often go up to sit on the platform even when I haven’t put their forage up there.
Review for: Zippi Rabbit Platforms - 2 panels
The reviewer has 4-6 Netherland dwarf pets
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