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Peruvian Guinea pig review - Asa,

I had a very friendly peruvian, she was very sweet and was very adventurous wanting to explore the house. She would lick us showing lots of affection for her humans. RIP little Rosy.

Great animal, great looks - Zoe,

This breed of guinea pigs is my dream breed. I have been able to braid my Peruvian guinea pigs hair, and now it looks superb. Highly recommend if you are looking for an out of the ordinary silly looking guinea pig!

So adorable - Guinea_Pig_Adopter,

Very adorable appearance. Very difficult to find where to buy them, as I bought mine from a guinea pig rescue, so I found him by pure luck. I bought him and his brother. His brother was an abyssinian guinea pig.

Super fun super sweet a ton of work - Zoey,

I love them and I want to adopt more, but they need A TON of attention and grooming if you want them to look how you see on the internet. Daily brushing, monthly baths, and even haircuts from time to time.

- Kyla,

they are super cute!x 1,000,000,000