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So adorable - Guinea_Pig_Adopter,

Very adorable appearance. Very difficult to find where to buy them, as I bought mine from a guinea pig rescue, so I found him by pure luck. I bought him and his brother. His brother was an abyssinian guinea pig.

Super fun super sweet a ton of work - Zoey,

I love them and I want to adopt more, but they need A TON of attention and grooming if you want them to look how you see on the internet. Daily brushing, monthly baths, and even haircuts from time to time.

- Kyla,

they are super cute!x 1,000,000,000

Laid back and friendly - Lisa,

My Peruvian sow is so chilled out and friendly to both other piggies and humans. She is a very devoted mother and not shy at all despite being unhandled for the first 6 months of her life. Summer in QLD will mean she gets her hair trimmed right back and she has had some matting over the winter but she is happy for me to cut it off when needed. Hoping she goes ok over this very hot summer to come.

Don't let pretty looks fool you! - Sarah,

I have a cream and white Peruvian female named Daisy. She's under one year old but old enough to know better about her terrible behaviour! When I first got her she was a scared little guinea pig that was shy around humans and guinea pigs. Now she's older she has grown in to a big bully! All of my other guinea pigs are scared of her. She's by far my biggest guinea pig and her hair makes her look even bigger, she knows this and uses it to her advantage. If another pig is in her way or she is hormonal she will not hesitate to start a fight with them. By fight I mean pointless one sided beat up. I have been bitten by her when separating fighting guinea pigs. My 4 year old ginger agouti cannot stand her and has to be kept separate from her at all times otherwise they will both fight violently. Despite being a bully towards other pigs she is scared of people! The saying "bullies are cowards" is true here! All my other 3 pigs run out and squeak to greet me, she doesn't, she just stays hiding in the box. I have the same problem as another user has stated, she screams whenever I try to comb her. Good for breeding (I haven't bread her) as she's a hormonal little thing and isn't shy about showing it. She takes it way over the top. She put my poor FEMALE Abyssinian (2 weeks older than her) in vet hospital because she tried to mount her too many times! All the jumping on her back temporarily PARALYSED her back legs for a few days! Anti-inflammatory drugs from the vets aren't cheap! Despite all this I still love her as she is really cute and is nice to cuddle.