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A cat’s first 24 hours in their new home

Cat curled up on Omlet’s Maya Donut Cat Bed

Warmly welcome your new feline with Omlet’s Maya Donut Cat Bed.

Bringing home a new feline friend is an exhilarating moment, but it also marks the beginning of a crucial phase – your cat’s first 24 hours in their new home. These initial moments are vital in establishing a sense of security and comfort for your newest family member. Cats, renowned for their discerning nature, need time and patience to acclimate to their new surroundings. So, let’s dive into the steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition for your new furry companion.

Give your cat time to adjust

Patience is key. The journey from shelter or breeder to your home can be overwhelming for a cat. The abrupt change in environment and separation from familiar faces can induce stress or anxiety. So the best first step you can take is to give your new cat the space and time they need to explore at their own pace. All first introductions should be made on your cat’s terms so they can become comfortable when they are ready.

There may be some hiding behind doors or under sofas at first, which is a completely normal reaction. But with some encouragement and patience from you, your cat will begin to feel safe and comfortable and will slowly start to relax in your space they can now call home.

Make things familiar

The next step in helping your cat acclimate in the first 24 hours is to make things familiar. Create an environment that feels safe and recognizable by placing items with their scent in their new space. Consider using your cat’s bed or blanket from their previous home somewhere in your home to provide a sense of security.

Additionally, introduce their food, water, and litter box in easily accessible locations. It’s best to stick with the same food your cat was eating previously and be patient if they don’t eat right away - familiarity will help ease their appetite and their transition.

Set up a safe room

To minimize stress before bringing your cat home be sure to have a quiet room prepared ahead of their arrival that will be their designated “safe room”. The best option is a room that’s tucked away so your cat can keep their head down until confidence levels start to rise. Bathrooms are usually a good choice as they are the easiest room to clean and are often separated from the hustle and bustle of a busy house.

Equip this room with a bed, litter tray, food, water, and a few toys so it can serve as a safe haven for your cat. The Omlet Maya Indoor Cat House with Cat Bed is a great product to include in the safe room as it is a comforting sanctuary for cats amongst the chaos. It may take some treats and encouragement to get them comfortable using the house, but once they do, they’ll feel more than relaxed.

Final feline freedom

Once your cat begins to show signs of comfort in their safe room, you’ve reached the last step in your cat’s first 24 hours at home. It's time to gradually expand their territory - Congratulations to you both. Begin by opening the door and allow supervised exploration around the house, ensuring easy access back to their safe space. This gradual introduction to the larger environment prevents your cat from feeling inundated and reinforces a sense of safety.

This is also when you’ll want to introduce your cat to a scratching post. With their newfound comfort set in, your cat’s innate instincts are sure to shine and you’ll want to have a strong and durable cat scratching post to make sure your furniture stays safe. The Switch Cat Scratcher designed by Omlet is the perfect choice to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

Omlet and your cat’s new home

Transitioning a cat into a new home requires patience, understanding, and the right tools. When it comes to catering to your feline friend’s needs, Omlet stands unparalleled. From cozy and stylish cat beds to customizable cat trees or innovative cat scratching posts that stimulate curious minds, Omlet provides everything your cat needs for a fulfilling life. The first 24 hours in a new home sets the tone for your cat's entire experience. With these key tips and Omlet products, you can lay the foundation for a strong and loving bond with your furry companion.

Woman setting up the Switch Cat Scratcher

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Jasmine, 28 June 2023

I got a new cat today it’s name is simba it’s a orange cat she is so sweet but the problem is she just isn’t getting along with my other two dogs

Fern, 18 April 2020

I’m getting a cat tomorrow. I’ve had a friends cat who I’ve loved, however, my friends children want to be with her. I plan on spoiling my new cat with love. Thank you for your advice. I looking forward to meeting my new cat

Alicja, 10 August 2019

My kitten settled straight away, did not hide even for a minute, was not afraid of our older cat and when he got tired after couple of hours of extensive exploring and play he came straight to me, jumped on my knees and fell asleep. Very first night run after us and slept in our bed. It seems from the article such a bold behaviour is not typical . :)