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Brie, 9 January 2020

I give yogurt drops to my guinea pigs and I have 8. If you give them yogurt drops that say chinchilla and or guinea pig on the title then you can give those to them. I prefer berry or strawberry they prefer them other than orange or watermelon.

Marge, 5 December 2019

In this website it says guinea pig treats include yogurt drops. Guinea pigs cannot digest dairy, therefor they should not be eating them. I have seen websites on foods piggies should not eat and yogurt drops was included in the dairy. I don’t think yogurt drops is healthy for your guinea pigs!

Michelle, 20 September 2019

I was just looking to learn a little more about what is good and what is not for my girls.

Emma, 14 January 2013

Regarding hay, be sure it has not had contact with chickens as my guinea pigs many years ago caught a repiratory disease from it and they died

Lucy, 10 August 2011

amazing, i have 2 guinea pigs that love to munch. very helpful wbsite!!

Bennett, 30 May 2011

very intresting website very helpful