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Jerry, 14 September 2020

Hi,i got a Amazon parrots and sometime she got wild and bites her feet and everything she can bites aswell her cage.don't now what make her so wild,but she don't bites my hand.what seem to be the problems.please guide me ?

Lana, 15 May 2020

I have a 20 year old umbrella cockatoo. Other than occasional bouts of feather plucking we haven't had any sustained behavior problems. I do have a question about her habit of sustained stoccato pecking of my husband's knee... Like woodpecker. It doesn't hurt but after 10 or 15 minutes it seems excessive. She only does it with him. She's primarily my bird (she always wants to hibernate down my shirt and has laid an egg there on occasion) but also goes to him and has never been aggressive to him. What does the pecking mean.

Chaitali, 6 May 2020

I have a 10 year old parrot recently she has become very sluggish.what to do. Can you suggest me a homoeopathic remedy

Sherry, 2 December 2019

To Sonia and Bob, depending on the parrot's age and past experiences, it can take a year or more for the bird to accept you. Start by just spending time beside the cage. Move slowly around the bird--quick movements can startle them. Offer favorite foods by hand. Be prepared to wait a long time before the bird approaches to take the food, usually something like a sunflower seed that you won't feed as part of their regular diet. The bird will learn to associate your approach with offers of this food. Only after all this should the training to step onto your hand begin. There are many good books on this part of the process. The main point is that you need to be patient. If the bird has been caught in the wild (which none should be these days!) it may never become tame enough to be a friend and really belongs with other parrots.

Sonia, 23 November 2019

Hi I got a ringneck parrot from a pet shop in Birmingham 3 weeks ago its so nervous with me I have been talking to it and it don't like hands how can I tame it so its not nervous with me

Mark, 8 November 2019

My princess parrot is 11 months old she can’t fly because of her wings she can walk up outside of her cage

Bob, 6 May 2019

I have recently adopted a 8 year old African grey that I believe has been caged and not handled for approx 7 year - it’s quite aggressive but I really want it to become a loving friendly pet it won’t feed out my hands so treats aren’t much good Any help advise much appreciated Or even a honest answer if this is possible due to the birds age Thank you

Emma, 4 March 2019

Barbara - look at what diet your parrot is eating. A diet of mostly seeds are not good for a parrot and effects their feathers a lot. Look up a fresh food diet. I feed my parrot 75% fruit and veg. Mostly orange veg chopped in a food processor. Try carrots, sweet potato, peas, sweet corn (on the cob or baby or standard frozen, courgette, in fact most veg you would eat EXCEPT avocado or rhubarb. No apple or pear seeds. These are poisonous. Limit sunflower seeds. They are like the Mac Donald’s of the seed variety. Also consider increasing foraging toys to hide food in. It creates more mental stimulation for your bird

Barbara, 11 January 2019

My parrot has feathers are ugly she has been losing feathers they are not shine they look very ragged

Tracey, 5 January 2019

Hi I rescued an Indian ringneck 4 years ago he had had his wings clipped very poorly and he was very nervous of hands and people, now he’s a very confident birdie and we have grown very close however his feathers grow crinkly w here they were cut and with every moult his wings loose most of the long feathers and the short ones go crinkley any ideas how I can help him? He eats well has a shower he has an open cage all day/ night not stressed just very poor growing feathers any comments would be good

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