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Looking after your Quail

Quail are amazingly easy to look after. Mostly your daily routine should be no more the letting them out and checking food and water.

Let your quail out of the house - but not out of the run. They are good flyers and no matter how tame they become you should keep them in the run. If they are let out you will either not find them or not be able to catch them. If by mistake you let them out, we recommend that you leave the run open in case they return for food.

At night you do not need to lock the quail inside the house as they are very robust and hardy. If they do become cold then they will take themselves into the house. They have stout round bodies they do not need combs vasilining to protect from cold and will quite happily take care of themselves in harsh weather.

Check that the bedding is clean. As they are small quail do not need cleaning out very often. They spend most of their time outside rather then inside soiling their bedding. However, you should make sure that the bedding is still changed regularly to keep them healthy.

Check the position of the shade. The shade is intended to protect the quail from wind, rain and sun so it may need relocating especially if you have moved the eglu to a new position.

Customer Images

Female quail
1 week old Courtnix
1 week old Courtnix
1week old Courtnix
Bob White male
Bob White
Texas White Quail
Texas White Quail


Olya, 16 September 2020

Hi there, do you sell fertile white quail eggs? Do you deliver them to Melbourne? Were are you located? Warm regards

An Omleteer, 9 February 2020

Is wood shavings ok for bedding? How big does their bed need to be? How big does their enclosure generally need to be? What do they eat? How big do they grow? How much do you need to feed them? How long do they live? What's the coldest temperature they can survive in? Sorry about so many questions. How high does their enclosure need to be?

Halima, 23 October 2015

Good info. but make a point of cleaning them out regularly. And they do require a draughtfree area to sleep in.

Jacobe, 3 April 2013

need more info on the illnesses and put in a routine of what to do each day, week, year kind of thing. Also if snakes are around, close the door to the coop. make sure the coop is cleaned weekly to avoid cocsidiosis

Matty, 26 August 2012

the info is ok and thanks