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Geo Bird Mirrors - pack of 2

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This mirror twin pack will offer your bird plenty of angles from which to admire themselves! The Geo Bird Mirrors fit perfectly to the Geo Bird Cage, matching the modern and stylish geodesic cage shape and can be quickly fitted using the screw clasp.

Like other birds, parakeets love shiny things, and the Geo Bird Mirror is a fantastic cage accessory for them to enjoy. Your bird will love the sparkling reflections from the mirror, and be intrigued by the good looking twin in front of them! They can spend hours chirping to and preening with their new roommate, and for solitary as well as paired birds, this is a stimulating way to enrich their habitat.

The Half Hexagon Mirror fits securely to a hexagon side of the Geo Cage and can be used as a splash guard with the Geo Bird Bath. The full Hexagon provides a larger view and can be placed opposite a perch for birds to gaze adoringly as they swing back and forth. Both Geo Mirrors are shatterproof so there is no risk they will break when your bird pecks and plays with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Half Hexagon: 6.2" x 3.1" x 0.9"
Full Hexagon: 6.9" x 6.1" x 0.9"
The mirror arrives with a protective film on top that can make it look broken. Remove the film and check the mirror. If there is any damage to the actual mirror, please let us know!

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Geo Bird Mirrors - pack of 2

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Birds love them!
Jclhzo, Virginia,
These sturdy mirrors attach to the side of the octagon cage perfectly! No sharp edges and a clear mirrored surface. My budgies love them!
Review for: Geo Bird Mirrors - pack of 2
The reviewer has 10+ Parakeets pets
Lovely Mirrors
Sarah, Pennsylvania,
We ordered these with our Geo cage, and I'm very glad we did. They're much bigger than I expected and our parakeet loves them, especially the hexagon -- she went straight to it when we moved her into her new cage. They're a great value for the size (we saw much smaller mirrors for the same price or more -- and they weren't 2 packs!) and they look great as well.
Review for: Geo Bird Mirrors - pack of 2
The reviewer has 1 Parakeet pets
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