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Gerbils are very fastidious when it comes to cleaning themselves. If kept in pairs or groups they will spend a long time grooming each other. They comb and lick themselves clean too. Grooming reinforces the bond between gerbils in an enclosure together, and also sorts out the 'pecking order' of dominance within a group.

Being so naturally clean, gerbils don't require much help from us. However, a dry bath of loose sand will be appreciated. They will roll in it and generally have a great time. The sand should be placed in a bowl or other suitable container and should be removed once the gerbil has finished, (or it will be converted into a toilet!)

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Gerbils don’t need a walk-in shower, but they love good sand bath!

You can use a shop-bought grooming powder to remove any stains from your gerbils. This is commonly used by owners preparing their pets for a show, where cleanliness and looking your best is very important for a gerbil!

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