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Gerbil Health

Gerbils tend to be robust, healthy little critters. But there are also things you can do to make sure it stays that way. This section of the Omlet Gerbil Guide looks at issues such as health checks and pregnancy.

The key to spotting if something wrong is really simple - any change in behavior or character warrants a quick health check.

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Gerbils need health checks, just like we do

If you think something is wrong with your gerbil, check the Gerbil Illnesses section of this Guide. Lots of gerbil ailments can be treated, but many will need professional care. So, make sure you know where your local vet is before bringing your gerbils home from the store or breeder. It’s good to be prepared!

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An Omleteer, 1 March 2021

Can Gerbils go to the same vet I bring my cat to?