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Getting A Gerbil

Preparing for the arrival of your gerbils is an exciting time for any owner. Whether you’re extending your setup by adding another enclosure or bringing home your first pair, there’s lots to do and lots to look forward to.

This section of the Omlet Gerbil Guide covers the basics of gerbil care, as well as offering advice on the ins and outs of bringing your new pets home for the first time.

gerbil needs
Preparing for the arrival of your new gerbils is an exciting time

Buying Your Gerbils

When buying, use your eyes. The gerbils should be active, healthy looking, and happy to be to handled. Buy from a breeder if possible, or from a pet rescue/shelter. If neither of these options are possible and you are buying from a pet shop, choose gerbils that look lively, curious and active. If they are asleep, ask the shop assistant to gently wake them and watch their reaction. They should wake up quickly and be instantly interested in everything going on around them.

How To Carry Out A Quick Gerbil Health Check

  • Check the animals' eyes - they should be bright, with no sign of dirt or discharge around them.
  • Check their rear ends - there should be no staining or signs of mess.
  • The gerbils' fur should be smooth. Avoid ones whose fur is sticking up roughly.
  • The gerbils should be inquisitive - avoid ones that sit hunched in a corner with no interest in what's happening.
  • If possible, get your ear close to the gerbil and listen. There should be no clicking or squeaking sound as it breaths. These are signs of a chest infection .

See the Gerbil Health section of this guide for more information on gerbil health checks.

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