Gerbil FAQs

Even the most experienced gerbil owner sometimes comes across issues or questions they can't immediately answer. Whether you’re a veteran gerbil keeper or a novice, the following Q&As will help with a number of different topics.

gerbil health
Gerbil question? Search here for your gerbil answer!

This section of the Omlet Gerbil Guide includes information on a number of different questions owners have asked, ranging from bar chewing to strange gerbil behavior. We hope you’ll find the answers you need here, but there's plenty more on this website, and there are lots of great gerbil books available too. And don't forget to tap into local expertise, and the know-how of your small mammal vet.

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, 20 March 2019

One of my gerbils keep on biting one of the others. What should I do? There is no blood(I think). But there is hAir loss.

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