About Gerbils

Gerbils have not been available in the pet market for long, compared to other small mammals, but they are now very popular in the US and across the world. Their charm is clear to anyone who has spent time with them - they have endearing characters, entertaining and with bags of energy. They look super cute and have cute little voices to match. And the great advantage they have over hamsters is that they're not asleep all day and active at night.

Gerbils are group animals, and form strong bonds both with their own kind and with their owners. Whichever way you look at it, a gerbil makes a great addition to a family looking for a small, low-maintenance pet.

hamsters make great pets
Gerbils are popular pets in the US, and across the world

The Omlet Gerbil Guide is intended for all owners, from beginners to experts. It provides detailed advice in all areas of gerbil keeping, from cleaning cages to identifying health problems. Just click on the subheadings in the menu on the left to expand on topics you're interested in.

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Mitch, 8 April 2020

Gerbils have become my favorite animal, more than dogs or cats and birds. I like to let them run over my body. GerbilPower!

Chris, 28 January 2019

im getting gerbils on tuesday (My daughter is) how good does the omlet cage work with gerbils?? How many can you fit in it?

Claire, 13 April 2018

I'm getting gerbils Tuesday there very sweet had some before

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