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How To Train A Guinea Pig To Come When Called

Guinea can develop strong bonds with their owners. It takes time and patience, but it is possible to teach some GPs to come when called. Some, however, never get the hang of it. It's not their fault, so don’t be upset or angry if your guinea pig can’t manage to pick it up.

 Guinea pig training
Teaching a Guinea Pig to come when called is all about treats

Firstly, make sure the training area is secure and hazard-free. We suggest sitting at one end of your guinea pigs’ run, preferably the side that you can open and easily offer treats.

Secondly, put a trail of small food items between you and your pet, with the last one in your hands.

Finally, wait for your guinea pig to follow the trail. If they reach you via the trail, reward them with the treat you have in your hands. Say their name out loud as you do this.

These steps will need repeating for 10 days. On the tenth day, don’t lay a trail, but call their name instead and reward them if they come to you.

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