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Bringing a Parrot Home

Source your birds from your home State if possible. Your home county is even better - in other words check out the parrots for sale as close to home as possible. That way you will avoid long journeys, which can be very stressful for birds.

Larger parrots can travel in cat or dog carriers. You can buy purpose-made parrot carriers too, and as you will be taking your bird to the vet every now and then, these are a good investment. For smaller parrots you can use a cardboard carrier - pet stores or breeders will be able to supply one of these.

New parrots need a carrying box or cage
When travelling home with you, parrots like this Sun Conure will need a carrying box or cage

Transporting Parrots

It's best to cover the carrying cage during any journey, to minimize stress on the bird. The cage will need to be secured with a seatbelt too. Don’t put it in the trunk or anywhere it can slide around. The trunk can also accumulate deadly car fumes, so it's a double hazard.

It's possible to use the parrot's home cage for trips in the car, if it's sufficiently small. If doing so, remove anything that can slide around - non-fixed bowls, swings and toys - and make sure there’s a secure perch.

If your parrots are in a larger aviary you will need to have acquired the skill of netting and re-caging them for the journey. This definitely needs an expert hand, and by far the best option would be for your local bird vet to pay you a visit.

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Paula, 19 March 2021

I need to transport a Parrot from newark to kissimmee can uou do it?

Wendy, 25 November 2019

We have two green cheek conures which we regularly take with us on trips. We have a large cage for home and a smaller travel cage which is still a good size for two birds for a couple of days. (with time out of the cage of course). The cage fits in the back seat and here is what I have noticed. -They love moving. They hang on the side of the cage and watch out the window. I once tried to cover that side of the cage because of the sun and they screeched and carried on. Now we have a shade thing for the window. -I have a special song I sing before we are going to be driving and they get excited and fly from their big cage into the travel cage. - They know when we stop for petrol that ice cream is on the cards and they call out if we drive past a servo.