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Keeping Parrots with other Birds

Parrots do not socialize with non-parrot species. If you're keeping a mixed flock that includes something other than parrots, you will need a big enclosure. Even then, you will have to make sure there isn't a big size problem - a large parrot can easily kill a smaller bird (including smaller parrot), so never mix your bird species without asking for expert advice first.

The main problem with parrots is their hooked beaks. These can hurt or kill other birds, and even a minor squabble can result in Canaries and Finches with snapped legs, nasty cuts, or worse.

Cockatiels in mixed aviary
These Cockatiels have settled into a mixed aviary - but you'll need something at least this big for it to work

As a rule of thumb, don't mix anything larger than a cockatiel with other types of bird. Lovebirds and Lories may look small and cute, but they can cause havoc in a flock of finches. It's worth saying again: parrots and finches will not mix successfully unless you get the size-matching right, and unless you have a big enclosure for them.

Keeping Parrots with Quail

Conures, Cockatiels and Budgerigars can be kept in the same aviary as the species of pet Quail available in the pet trade (usually Button quail (aka King or Chinese quail) (Coturnix chinensii), and Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica). The parrots won't take any notice of the plump little Quail zipping around on the cage bottom like wind-up toys, and the Quail will ignore the parrots too. However, larger parrot species will try to investigate the Quail, and the quail will panic when that happens. It's best not to keep big parrots and quail together, for this reason. Some of the docile Amazon Parrot species are exceptions to this general rule.

Bourkes parakeet
Small breeds like this Bourkes parakeet can cohabit with quail

Keeping Parrots with Finches and Canaries

Finches can mix with Conures, Cockatiels and Budgies, but not with any species larger than that - and only in a very big aviary. Canaries are not very good mixers, however (and the same applies to other timid finch species), and in general they will not be happy in a mixed aviary that includes parrots, of any size.

Budgie and Zebra Finch
Budgies and Zebra Finches are neighbors in their native Australia

Keeping Parrots with Chickens

This is a simple one: don't! Chickens eat anything and everything, they are naturally aggressive to anything smaller than them, and will not hesitate to attack smaller parrots if they're in reach. Larger parrots will be able to fend off the chickens... but that's not exactly a match made in heaven either. So, on the Chickens and Parrots question, it's a definite Cock-a-doodle-don't!

Keeping Parrots with Doves

Doves like to keep things calm and quiet. They are only happy if surrounded by like-minded species. That rules out most of the parrots! However, Conures and Budgies can be kept with aviary doves successfully. We're not talking about any old town pigeon, but the dove species sold in the pet trade. Common pet dove species include the Ring-necked dove (Streptopelia capicola) and the Diamond dove (Geopelia cuneata).

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Aqib, 20 April 2021

I have a pair of tamed Rose-ringed parakeets. They are very friendly and talkative. Can I keep them with budgies? Rose-Ringed Parakeet

David, 11 January 2020

To Mary - hooded parrots are definitely not suitable aviary companions for cockatiels or budgies

Jigeinth, 10 January 2020

I’m looking planning to put sun conure pair along with finches were owl,strawberry,long tailed,blue necked, Gouladian finches are there. Aviary is 10/7 feet 8ft height.

Suzanne, 11 July 2019

We recently purchased an alexandrine from a pet shop. We have a very large empty aviary sitting outside that's just been built. However the alexandrine has visited outside a few times and seems happier out their than in the house. The only problem is the aviary is too big for just one bird so my question is what other birds could I put with the alexandrine. And would introducing a pair be a problem? Our bird is only about 7 months old thanks sue

Bruce, 21 June 2019

I have 2 5 month old peach faced love birds, grand raised, yellow and green. I’m leaving China and need to find them a home due to import restrictions. A person has offered to take them in who has a 3 month old macaw. Please advise