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a very good all round duck - Sue,

A very attractive bird, gentle yet sturdy and strong. If brought up in the proper enviroment they are a truly rewarding pet and a real looker if showing is your thing. Highly recommended!

my ducks - Poppy-Anne,

Well I've got a few types of ducks, age ranges 1 month - 3years. Appleyards are definitely my favourite duck. Their eggs are gorgeous and taste better with soldiers. They are wonderful things to watch. Very friendly, will eat out of your hand if you let them. GET THEM!

Fantastic all-rounders, a joy to own - Lewis,

We have three Silver Appleyards, and they are great; we have big, white eggs almost every day in the spring and summer and they are very friendly.

My appleyard ducks - An Omleteer,

My appleyard ducks are lovely and beautiful ducks. Alough we are still waiting for them to start laying eggs again because they haven't had enough sun light and it's too cold.

A very nice duck...... - Nightingale,

We have 6 miniature silver appleyard ducks, 3 female and 3 male. Diego, the youngest male was born in August from an incubated egg in the house. He was raised in the house in a brooder for the first mouth so is very friendly and still visits us by walking into the house now! All six of them walk around the garden, sometimes playing with Molly our dog pecking her tail.... very amusing.

Miniature variety great for the garden - Darbyshire,

We have Miniature Silver Appleyards which are about the size of a Mallard. They are great in the garden and are content with a round 70L tub for a little swim and clean. They pace the garden for slugs and bugs and make themselves known to visitors. These really beautiful birds are perfect for a small to medium size garden.

5 stars - Sarah,

I have raised these ducks for three years and find them to be wonderful birds. My Appleyards handle -40 C with no trouble. They mature early to a large meaty 7-9 pound carcass. Their feathers are white at the base which means that they pick very cleanly with no ink stains on their carcasses. The females begin laying in the fall and lay well through the winter until they go broody in spring or begin moulting the next summer. They make good mothers. They forage well and clean up all the waste fruit and bugs in my orchard. Appleyards are also stunningly beautiful to view.

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