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White Winged Dove (Zenaida Asiatica) Pigeons and Doves


These doves are known for their white fronted wing band that is visible when the bird is perched. When in flight the white of the wings appear in patches. Mostly brown in colour they do have a black patch below the ear followed by coppery feathers, a blue eye ring and red/pink feet. They are found in South West America, reaching as far as Texas and Louisiana. They are large doves at around 29cm in length. These birds play a key part in the dispersal of seed from a well known cactus (Saguaro) found in Central America.

The female will lay 1-2 cream coloured eggs in a nest made of twigs in a tree, but they aren’t especially fussy about where. Incubation takes around 18 20 days and the young will fledge at around 18 days. They usually produce at least two broods a year, depending on weather conditions. The fledglings will often start their own nesting and hatching as young as 3 months old.


The White Winged dove lives in a variety of different locations and is happy in urban, desert, farmland and wooded areas. They feed mainly on seeds and shoots and are considered to be an agricultural pest in some areas.

Breed Details

  • Status: Rare
  • Life Expectancy: Up to 20 years.

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