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Stock Dove (Columba Oenas)


The Stock dove is one of the largest of wild pigeons and is around 34cm+ in length. Similar in plumage and size to its fellow Rock Dove, Stock Doves are commonly grey-blue with an unmistakable and often iridescent bottle green banding on the back of it's neck. Whilst in flight Stock Doves show black edging to the wings with two partial black bands near the back.

Stock Doves are widely seen in the UK, except for a few parts of Ireland and Northern Scotland. High numbers can be found mainly in the Midlands and South West, with over half the European population found in the UK. They are becoming rarer in Europe.

The female lays two eggs in the nest which is usually in the hollow of a tree, but they will also set up home in a nesting box. Incubation takes 16 - 18 days and the fledglings leave the nest after 28 days. Sometimes another clutch of eggs will be laid before the fledglings have left. Several broods a year are raised.


During the breeding season, Stock doves can be found in parkland, woodland, by quarries and cliffs and in the summer they can be found in smaller flocks in and around farmland.

Breed Details

  • Status: Common
  • Life Expectancy: 3 years

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