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Evelyn, 5 April 2020

I have a 6 months old guinea pig and i noticed that she has a huge bald spot under her chin. I am no sure what is wrong. Her sister who lived in the same cage as her died a few weeks ago and I was wondering if the stress of that could cause her to lose her hair there or if she has some kind of parasite. I am not sure the reason of her sisters death but it was good. Should I take her to the vet or do I just need to wash her and disinfect her cage really well.

Angela, 27 March 2020

My guinea pig has a small bald patch on his nose. What can it be? And do you have any tips on how to trim their nails? Also, how can I make their life less boring? Their over 8 sf cage is in the main living area so they are not alone. I used the cage divider to make a "kitchen/bathroom" area that is covered with a blanket and the other much larger side is used for their toys, hideaways, etc. I feel like they are bored and I do not know how to fix it. Can I make them like being handled? They don't seem to want us to touch them unless we have food to give them. And I feed them a combination of the following: broccoli, parsley, cilantro, dill, cucumber, carrot, celery leaves, and romaine lettuce. Usually, they get parsley or cilantro, cucumber, broccoli, celery leaves and sometimes carrot. I give them romaine lettuce once or twice a day for a treat. They love it! Also, the kitchen side is filled with hay and their water bottles. And I give them 2 scoops of pellets in the morning. Should I give them something different or add another veggie? What are appropriate amounts to feed them? I feel clueless. Thank you.

Sara, 4 March 2020

Just got Guinea pig and I recently noticed on her back by her hind legs there is a slight loss of hair, but it almost looks like it was shaved with a razor. Should I be concerned or treat it with anything?

Tessa, 27 January 2020

I am scared cause My Guinea Pig doesnt Have the amount Of fur On his Belly and His feet That He should Have! What can i do Maybe I can take him to the Vet Or Something I dont know!!

Tiffany, 24 January 2020

My guinea pig I have has a bald spot above his butt and one on his side it's pink and some sore places that's scabbed over

Mia, 6 January 2020

I have recently noticed that my Guinean pig Butter, who is 10 months old, has recently gained some black hair. He is a cream and white colored guinea pig, and he has never had black hair until now. Is an illness causing this? If it is, what should I do? I’m worried about my sweet little baby boy.

Oop, 30 November 2019

I'm confused as to why my guinea pig has missing patches of fur all down the same line, she has little white bugs crawling around the top of her head too. I'm concerned for my little child.

Elizabeth, 7 November 2019

Hi . I just noticed a small bald patch on my guinea pigs ear . I inspected the spot and see just a small scab but it looks like it could be from him scratching. He does not do it often . There is no redness or anything out of the ordinary inside ear or about bald spot . I have another pig as well . Could he have caused this by scratching or should I be concerned

, 8 October 2019

I have two guinea pigs, one of them has a bald patch on its behind. There doesn’t seem to be any dried blood just a clean pink bald patch. I don’t think there is dandruff, but I’m not sure because it has white fur. The other one doesn’t have any problems. I’ve had them for about 2 years now and this is the first time I encountered this situation. Anyone have any suggestions on what this is? I’ll be bringing them to the vet to get checked up, but I just want some ideas on what it may be. Thanks

Jayna, 10 August 2019

One of my pregnant female guinea pigs has a bald patch under her neck. No blood just skin. Should I buy a different shampoo or something?

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