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How Do I Treat My Guinea Pig For Mange?

When the disease has only just been transmitted, it’s very difficult to tell what type of mange it is, so it’s important to use the special anti-mange shampoo. If you’re confident it’s fungal mange rather than mange mites you can use fungal dips to treat your pet, in which you hold the guinea pig and gently dip it into the special substance (containing ivermectin), keeping the head above water at all times. The head will need treatment too but instead of submersion this area can be treated by rubbing the treatment into your pet’s head hair and ears with your fingers. All of these treatments can be purchased from your vet, and should be administered by an adult.

Treatments can be obtained from your local veterinary clinic

Mange is a very unpleasant condition, so many owners choose to take preventative measures. One option is to wash your pets with an anti-mange shampoo as part of their regular bath routine. Some experts recommend adding to this by giving guinea pigs an oral treatment once or twice a year (oral treatments should't be given very frequently, follow the instructions for the product very carefully) in order to help catch the disease before it begins to be uncomfortable for your pets.

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Cara, 16 May 2020

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