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Fitting A Dog Into A Busy Lifestyle

Unless you’re workaholic, have two jobs or spend most of your time out of the country, you should be able to find a way to look after a dog.

Here are a few ways to fit your dog into a busy schedule.

Crossbreed Golden Retriever and Poodle
This Golden Retriever and Poodle crossbreed is ready to fit into your busy schedule!

Take Your Dog To Work

This will depend on company policy, and the type of dog you have. If he’s likely to get over-excited at all those potential new friends in the office, you’ll be spending all your time calling/hauling him off, and apologising to your colleagues!

If your dog is relaxed in company, and if you are lucky enough to work for a dog-friendly company, taking Fido to work can have great benefits. The dog’s social needs will be fulfilled, and there may even be an increase in productivity and a boost in morale in the office. That’s what current research seems to suggest. A dog will also improve your health by giving you an extra excuse to leave your desk and have a break. Hours and hours of uninterrupted desk work has been shown to damage health.

Making Your Office Fit For Dogs

  • First of all make sure none of your work colleagues are allergic to dogs. They won’t appreciate sneezing all day no matter how cute/friendly/productivity-boosting your dog might be.

  • Your office-companion should be fully trained and socialized before he enters the workplace, to avoid all manner of embarrassments. The same rule applies to your dog…

  • Make sure the dog is up to date with all vaccinations.

  • If Fido is a female, and not spayed, it’s best to leave her at home when she’s on heat, to prevent the neighbourhood Lothario hounds baying outside the building or causing chaos in the foyer.

  • Create a specific place in your office for your pet. A smaller dog will be able to nestle under your desk or chair. Others may be happier in a dog crate, with a familiar, cosy bed inside. This is a particularly good idea for nervous dogs, as it will give them a safe place to relax if there is any commotion in the office. The ideal model is the Fido Studio.

  • Companies will generally require your dog to be supervised at all times, so having them wander around the office isn’t an option.

  • It helps if the dog has had a good run before work, as that way he won’t be feeling the urge to stretch his legs as soon as he gets to the office. This doesn’t have to be a half-marathon – 20 minutes with a ball or stick in a garden or field will do the trick.

  • Some dogs are more easily bored than others, so bring in some toys to keep your furry friend occupied.

  • Make sure there is always water available.

  • Building a strong bond will keep the dog stimulated and happy, and it will make him want to please you at all times. He’ll soon realise that being well-behaved and patient at work is all part of the bag of tricks that keeps you, the pack leader, happy!

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