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We Can Help You Find The Best Dog Breed For You

There are almost as many different dog personalities as there are human personalities. You can do a lot of second-guessing, however, by looking for dog breeds that suit your needs.

For example, some breeds are good with children, some like to lie around the house, and some are great for allergy sufferers. Others have been bred to guard and protect, or to run a half marathon every day, or to sit in your lap and look cute.

Breeds Chihuahua family
These Chihuahuas don't need huge amounts of exercise, but demand lots of lap time!

Finding A Dog That Matches Your Lifestyle

Some matches are simply not going to work. If your idea of a dog walk is a ten mile hike through the mountains, that poor Pug isn’t going to be up to the job. Equally, if you’re not very mobile, a dog such as a Greyhound is a BAD idea. He’ll soon start to howl and shred the furniture if you don’t take him out for a daily run. And if you want to see serious furniture shredding, try keeping your pet Husky indoors for 48 hours…

Likewise, a dog such as a Beagle or Foxhound has been bred to follow a scent for mile after mile and may be difficult to control off the lead. If your local walk involves a busy town or city, this is just asking for trouble. And while we’re on the subject of Beagles and Foxhounds, they have been bred to bark and howl as lustily as wolves, so it’s not the ideal choice if you live in an apartment or quiet neighborhood.

Breeds English Foxhound
Foxhounds are bred to run, and have lots and lots of energy

Many would-be owners will be looking for a great all round family dog, while others might want something fairly laid-back that’s not going to run you off your feet. And the size of your apartment or house is always going to be a consideration too, along with issues such as outside access, other pets, other householders, and those pesky neighbors!

The important thing is to find the best dog for your lifestyle, with all its personal quirks and details, so that both you and your new pet are in with the best chance of a happy life together.

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Sestra, 13 February 2020

My husband wants an American Bully, but even though I like them, I'm not sure it's the right dog for us. It's a big step and a tremendous responsibility, so naturally I analyze it a lot. It will be the first dog for both of us, so we are inexperienced. Are Bullies suitable for new owners? I read from this article Reasons Why American Bullies Are the Best that they are a bit stubborn. Can they be trained easily?