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The Daily Care Of A Dog

Caring for your dog on a daily basis is all part of the deal of dog ownership, and can be a hugely rewarding experience. Your dog will be your faithful companion, and he will look up to you as his best friend and leader. All you need to do is tend to his needs and ensure that he leads an enjoyable and active life.

Breeds Finnish Spitz outdoors walking in woodland
A happy, healthy Finnish Spitz enjoying a walk in the forest

However, it needs underlining that a dog is not the kind of pet that simply looks after itself. Daily care involves a lot more than just feeding and walking. You will need to pay him attention at other times too, and will need to know how to groom him properly as well as recognising the signs that could indicate a potential health problem.

Know How To Check For Signs Of Illness

You should always be thinking about your dog’s health. It is important that you know how to check for signs of illness and that you are fully aware of common dog and puppy health problems. If you are ever worried about your dog’s general health, contact your vet to either arrange an appointment or to simply ask questions over the phone.

Check out the Dog Health section of this guide for more information.

Breeds Golden Retriever
A Golden Retriever in peak health and prime of life

In the case of an accident, illness or emergency it will be very reassuring if your dog is covered by a pet insurance plan. Search around, or ask your vet, to find the most suitable plan for your dog and make the investment, otherwise you might find yourself in a very difficult situation later on in your dog’s life.

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