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Should I Get A Second Dog?

Dogs love to be part of a pack, so a second dog is a natural choice, if your personal circumstances allow it – and if you want another hound in your life! Don’t assume that any two dogs will get along, however. Sometimes a meeting between adult dogs can result in a huge fall-out, for reasons that we mere humans can’t fathom.

It’s also true that a dog who has plenty of your time and attention won’t pine for a doggy companion as long as he has you. In other words, getting another dog is certainly not essential. However, if you do make the choice to up the dog count, there are ways to make sure you choose a suitable addition to the pack.

Two Australian Shepherd Dogs holding the same stick on the beach
These Australian Shepherd Dogs like to stick together

Separation Anxiety - Is Getting Another Dog The Answer?

Separation anxiety describes a situation where a dog gets stressed due to being left alone for too long. It is often thought that adopting another dog will instantly solve all problems associated with your first dog’s separation anxiety, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. So, if this problem is the only reason you're considering getting a second dog, think again.

there is more information on this subject in the Separation Anxiety section of this guide.

Dogs With Similar Energy Levels

A layabout and a livewire will not make natural kennel mates. Similarly, an old dog and a young pup might get frustrated in each other’s company. For one thing, they will have different exercise requirements, whereas it’s far easier to be able to walk them all together.

Two Golden Retriever puppies playing in the garden
Two Golden Retriever puppies, well matched for energy levels!

But these things are not black and white. Sometimes an older dog will accept the younger one in the capacity of surrogate parent. Dogs are very clever animals, and they will often learn to get along, even if it wasn’t love at first sight.

Your vet will be able to offer suggestions of breeds that are most likely to get on with your current dog. You don’t have to leave it to chance!

See the How to Choose a Second Dog section of this Guide for more tips and information.

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Dax, 13 February 2020

Getting an American Bully is the perfect choice for a second dog. Trust me!