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Gerbil Sand Baths

Water baths are only to be used in gerbil emergencies - for example, if something is sticking to their fur, or if the animal is in danger of suffering digestive problems or poisoning by licking its own contaminated fur. Water can remove important molecules from a gerbil’s fur and cause skin problems.

So, the gerbil version of the bath or shower is the sand bath.

gerbil sand bath
The best way for your pets to clean themselves is with a sand bath

Gerbils are a desert species, and in the wild they rarely encounter water to bathe in. They do, however, have plenty of sand!

Gerbils use sand to clean themselves. This might sound a bit uncomfortable to us, but it’s good for gerbils. For instructions on supplying a sand baths, have a look in the How To Bathe Gerbils section of this guide.

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