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Lets take a closer look at Guinea Pigs

Did you know that they are neither pigs, nor did they come from Guinea, or cost a guinea (an old British coin worth £1.05)? The name pig most likely came from their shape, and also from the endearing squeaking noises that they make. The scientific name for the guinea pig is Cavia porcellus , and porcellus means little pig in Latin. This is also why you may hear of them being referred to as Cavies. Read on to find out more fascinating facts about these delightful pets.


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Nicole, 03 January 2013

Wow what a great website . I have two guinea pigs called max and Timmy. When I was about to get for my birthday last year in December I didn't have a clue how to clean them out but now i know thanks to this website.

Tasha, 13 April 2012

We have a guinea pig called wiggles, she is sooo sweet and is cute, you should get a guineapig cause they are cute and adorable. and this site is amazing...

Tom, 11 April 2012

Great tips, i've got three boars, may be getting more soon, as have a bigger hutch on order! One of my boars seemed agitated with the others so I had to separate them, but they're all fine now!

BrookeSmith, 26 January 2012

I have a guinea pig and his name is Chip! He is the most cutest thing! I LOVE HIM!!! I don't know how I would've lived with out him, everything is true on this page but one thing I noticed. I got another guinea pig, peanut and Chip started being all sad and quiet so if you are going to get more than one guinea pig get them at the same time! Also ask the worker if you can see how they react together alone! But otherwise if you are looking for a small pet, I would recommend a Guinea Pig!!!

Ella, 18 October 2011

WOW great website I love it.

Katy, 02 June 2011

Just been browsing this website and found a\lot of information about keeping guinea pigs. GREAT SITE

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