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Guinea Pigs In The Wild

In the wild guinea pigs make their homes on grassy plains, feeding happily on grass and other vegetation. They live in herds, usually consisting of a single male (called a boar, to maintain the 'pig' illusion!), a few females (you guessed it - they're called sows), and their young (who are not called piglets!).

They have a strong need for herding and socialising, which means they need members of their own species when kept in captivity. Pet GPs are commonly kept in pairs or threes.

Guinea pig breeds
Whether in the wild or in the home, guinea pigs are sociable animals and crave company

Surprisingly, given the habits of most other small rodents, guinea pigs don’t dig their own burrows. This is because they evolved in a landscape of long grasses, and they make their tunnels in the vegetation, for nesting and sleeping purposes, and to hide from aerial predators.

Pet guinea pigs still retain a fear of wide open spaces, expecting a bird of prey to swoop down n them at any moment, so they need an enclosed bolt-hole to which they can run if their nerves fail them. There are various practical and fun hideaways and tunnels that you can incorporate into your pets' run.

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