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How To Reduce Guinea Pig Smell

The more often you clean out your guinea pigs, the less they will smell. If you find your pets are getting a bit smelly, then perhaps you should increase the frequency with which you clean out their cage. For example, if you have four guinea pigs and you clean them out twice a week, then you could try cleaning them out three times a week and see if that helps.

guinea pig on some towel
Guinea pig odors can be reduced

Another tip is keeping a small piece of fleece or towel, or a favourite toy in the cage. If this is heavily marked with your guinea pig’s scent over time, then each time you clean them out then they may feel less need to mark their ‘new’ enclosure with their scent.

Some owners have had a lot of success with a technique known as spot-cleaning. If you have multiple guinea pigs, there’s likely to be one particular area that gets dirty very quickly. This could be their bedding area, or a section of their home that some guinea pigs prefer in which to do their business. If you remove the dirt and soiled bedding from these areas on a daily basis, then you can reduce the build-up of smell in-between the main cleans.

If you’re worried about guinea pig smell as a prospective owner, then some experts recommend adopting sows rather than boars, as some owners have found that female guinea pigs produce less smell than males.

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