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How To Reduce Guinea Pig Shedding

Guinea pigs usually have a lot of hair, and this sheds and regrows just as human hair does. During the springtime, you may notice that your guinea pig is shedding a lot more than usual. This is normal, as your guinea pig is getting rid of spare fur in order to remain nice and cool in the summer. If you notice that your guinea pig is shedding excessively, then this could be the result of a skin problem or parasite. Check over your guinea pig to make sure they’re healthy and not unwell or infested with some form of parasite. Have a look at our Guinea Pig Health sections for help and advice with this.

Guinea pig shedding can be a problem
Guinea pigs shed more hair in the spring

If you brush your guinea pigs outside each morning, then it’s less likely that they’ll shed in their hutch the rest of the day. If someone within the household is allergic to guinea pigs, this may be a good habit to get into. Also, it’s probably not a good idea for someone with allergies to handle the guinea pigs in the springtime when they’re shedding more hair than usual.

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Kat, 28 January 2024

We had to take the male out of the cage after our female gave birth. It's January and FREEZING here but he's shredding like mad. I wonder if it could be stress from being separated? Any thoughts? Anyone?

Sadie, 17 October 2021

my guinea pig has been shedding like crazy. I don't know why because it's the middle of fall. does anybody know why?? thanks!

Raymond, 1 December 2019

Our guinea pig is shedding alot,and it is November,is this normal?or should we take him to the vet to get checked out,he is 6 years old and is a male,he is eating and eating normal amounts.

Katelyn, 29 August 2019

My guinea pig is shedding a lot of hair and it’s late summer is it normal for them to shed this time of year?!