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Lets take a closer look at Guinea Pigs

Did you know that Guinea pigs are not pigs, don't come from Guinea, and didn't originally cost a guinea (an old British coin worth £1.05)?

The pig reference is probably referring to their rather portly shape, and from the endearing squeaking noises they make. The Guinea pig's scientific name is Cavia porcellus, and porcellus means little pig. This Latin name is why they are often referred to as Cavies.

Guinea pig breeds
Guinea pigs make fantastic family pets

This guide is for all Guinea pig lovers, whether longstanding, new, or still thinking about it. It presents in-depth info about caring for these creatures, including their food, enclosure and health needs, all organized into neat sub-sections for ease of reference. The guide also includes a section on how to choose Guinea pigs and bring these little furry bundles of joy into your life. Read on!

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Claire, 9 October 2021

To anyone who's looking to buy a guinea pig please buy two guinea pigs as they are social animals. My eldest guinea pigs are currently 8 years old and I have owned guinea pigs for over 10 years. Don't bathe you guinea pigs unless advised buy you vet as there skin is very sensitive. Make sure you feeding them 75% hay 10% pellets and the rest veggies that supplement vitamin c please do you research before buying a pet. Guinea pigs can be timid but if you spend time with them they are friendly creatures.

Jennifer, 28 March 2021

Guinea pigs need a least one friend for theyre here animals. They do not like to be in water, so please no pools. They need vitamin c for they dont produce it. Please provide via food and not suppliment. Feed them 70% hay 10% pellets and rest fresh veggies.

Ioulita, 2 March 2021

Do they like being bathed? If yes would it be nice to have a little paddle pool in the cage for it?

Alisa, 16 May 2020

How do you clip their claws/nails?

Meghan, 10 May 2020

I would like to buy a Baby mail Peruvian guinea pig.