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The Call duck is a lively, charming little bird with a small body and short bill. The name originates from the Dutch word \'kooi\' meaning trap. They have a high-pitched call which carries over a long distance. The ducks were used by hunters to attract wild ducks towards traps or shooters. The tame ducks were tethered at the entrance of the traps and the more \'calling\' the ducks did the better.

The Call duck is a direct descendant of the Mallard duck although through selective breeding they have shorter bills and a smaller body. Call ducks were very rare in the first half of the century but have recently become very popular and now win more duck championships than any other breed.


Call ducks are lively and talkative. If you are thinking about keeping a few Call ducks make sure you ask your neighbours first. They are clean, tidy birds and if provided with clean water and good food will keep themselves in good condition. They are also easily tamed. The drake should weigh 550 - 700 grams and the female 450 - 600g.


There are lots of varieties of Call duck. The ten standard colours are: Apricot, Bibbed, Black, Blue Fawn, Dark silver, Magpie, Mallard, Pied, Silver and White.



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           The best pet!

- Sarah, 18 July 2014

We have 4 Drake Calls as the girls are very vocal, the chaps quack but its softer and lovely to hear. Our boys are wonderful pets, and with a disabled child they are gentle and light to handle. If you handle them and spend time with them they can become amazingly tame. Ours sit on our laps for a cuddle like a cat! They waddle into the kitchen to say hello or ask for treats! They have a vintage zinc bath, and a couple of child's sandpit/paddling pools to swim in. Call ducks are wonderful for work avoidance - you find yourself watching their funny antics for ages, they're adorable and we love them.

           New Ducks

- Georgaline, 22 May 2014

I have chicken and Bantams, I hvae just bought 3 Call Ducks. The chickens seen afraid of them although they have a whole garden to run in. Unlike chickens they don't like to go in at night, nearly fallen a few times trying to catch them. They love getting mucky and them jumping into my nice clean water. One dog thinks they are dinner but doesn't bother with the chickens, they lie on the decking with him.

           Lovely characters.

- Wendy, 17 September 2013

If you are looking for a pretty, small and friendly duck for the garden, call ducks are just the thing. The only drawback if there are neighbours nearby is that the girls are very noisy, the boys are much quieter! There are many pure colours to choose from (I myself have apricot, white, bibbed chocolate and lavender), as well as various mixes. If noise isn't a problem these are really the nicest pet ducks.

           The ultimate in no hassel pets

- Chubby, 03 July 2012

I have two little call ducks - one male, one female and they are the cutest, nicest little beings! They do absolutley no dammage to my garden, are very clean (except their bath water needs daily changing), don't poop much on the paths or even in their house and are nowhere near as noisy as people had made me believe they would be.

           Cutest, innocent, loveliest,funniest ducks in the world!

- Alexandra, 15 April 2012

There the perfect pet, good With children,other pets and are clean and tidy (compared with other ducks) and they are sweet and so so friendly. Theft are good protective mothers and fathers as the drake of my ducks will attack the cats and dog if they go to close to there nest. Alought they are good perents the ducklings need a lot of help braking out of there shell as calls there not the strongest of breeds. Finally I wouldn't recomend call ducks to anyone with close who wouldn't like the sound of very loud ducks echoing through there house. :)


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British Call Duck Club


Tel: 01545 580425

Call Duck Association


Tel: 01558 650532

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