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Lovely birds - Lauren, Berkshire,

Can be noisy and need their wings clipping, but lovely to have them in the garden. They are fine with my rabbits.

peace was never an option - Idk,

peace was never a option

Lovely garden companions - Mavis, Derbyshire,

I’ve had Call ducks for a few years now, started with 2 now have 13

comical great pets. - Lisa,

we have a pair of calls and a pair of Aylesburys and we find the Ayleburys far more vocal than our calls. Rosie our female call only calls for her mate when she cant see him, other than that she makes no sound at all? Rosie is now sitting on her own eggs and I hatched two of her first batch out last week, they both hatch by themselves. We dont clip their wings because the Ayleburys are flightless and they naturally stay as a group.

yes - Hannah,

they are extremely cute amd friendly but are very noisy and can fly they also don't lay many eggs

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