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Friendly and easy to keep - Tess,

I have 5 call ducks, they get on well with my runner duck. One of them is imprinted on humans so he likes to come in the house. Although I have 3 drakes there is not much fighting.They will be happy in small groups, but they love attention so not in larger groups.

Perfect ducks for the beginner - Jane,

Although they aren't great egg producers, I would recommend calls to any aspiring duck keepers. They are lively, noisy and extremely entertaining, as well as being very easy to look after.

They are brilliant ducks - Amy-Jo,

We have two call ducks, 3 Campbells (2 Kaki, 1 white) and two crested Campbells. Recently the dog escaped from her run and seen as we live in the middle of nowhere scared one of our call ducks off, it flew away she's been 3 days do you think she'll come back? But they are an amazing breed and i'd suggest them to anyone!

Brilliant - An Omleteer,

A very good duck for those who want to keep pets as they do not make mess and don't require lots or water and wreck the garden. Only downside is that they get through the smallest of holes.

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