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River Itchen - Peter,

A pair in the river, much to the annoyance of the seagulls

Georgeous addition to my flock! - Jade,

Fabulous birds, stunning to look at and layers of large black eggs from Croft Waterfowl. Absolutely recommend.

pretty nice - Duckman46,

nice color and very cool (also very warm eggs)

- John,

Beautiful ducks,I hand raised them but they are prone to wondering. They are also very loud.

DUCK LOVER - Anjolie,

I have a Cayuga hen and she is the sweetest thing! I show her in 4-H and she is perfect doesn't try to escape or anything. I have another duck a Khaki Campbell drake and she doesn't take any of his crap. If you want a duck I suggest a Cayuga. P.S. I have some little ducklings on the way. If you don't have a store that sells ducks I suggest to order the eggs or ducklings from Metzer Farms, they are amazing!

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