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Brecon Buff Geese

Brecon buff Goslings 2 pairs of brecon buff geese plus 3 ganders Pair of brecon buff geese on the water 2 pairs of brecon buff geese plus 3 ganders

Brecon Buff History

This breed was developed in Britain from a buff 'sport' of traditional geese from hill farms in, as it name suggests, Brecon in Wales. Rhys Llewellyn of Swansea spotted the goose and took on of the females and crossed her with an Embden gander. After several crossings he obtained buff goslings and after a few years he was able to get them to breed true to type and colour. By 1954 they were fully standardised. Rhys Llewellyn had a vision to create a really hardy goose that was a good converter of food to meat and to this end he kept the geese in quite tough conditions and extensively on large areas of grass. But the Buff is prized by exhibitors as producing an even and correctly marked buff colour is hard to achieve.

Brecon Buff Behaviour

Although a 'modern' breed, this goose has all the characteristics of a traditional breed, hardiness, the ability to thrive, good food conversion and as such it likes to forage, roam and needs space to be able to graze. It will brood its own goslings and is a good parent. As a docile and potentially quite tame breed, it is ideal for smallholders and rarely flies.

Both sexes should be a deep and even shade of buff with markings similar to the Toulouse. The plumage should be hard and tight as it would need to have been to cope with the harsh conditions of its native place. The body is well rounded and compact. The eyes are dark brown and the legs must be pink not orange. The bill is also pink. If either of these are orange then it is not a Brecon Buff or at the very least a poor example.

As it is a difficult bird to breed for the correct colour, it is not the easiest breed to find but well worth pursuing for its beauty and unique looks.

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