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Czech Geese

Czech History

This breed originated in Bohemia and was further developed in the 1950s. Goose breeding in this area was an important income and in the middle of the 19th Century more than 50,000 geese were exported to Germany and more than 1000 tonnes of feathers to Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Eggs even found their way to England. The criteria, as with so many breeds of ducks and geese at that time, was a reasonably fast growing breed that could utilise food effectively (in this case grass) to provide a meaty carcass. The feathers which are of good quality, were popular for pillows and quilts. They came over here from the Derman Democratic Republic in the 1960s and a handful of breeders showed an interest in them. Partly due to their appealing looks they became increasingly popular and were classified in the UK in 2008.

Czech Behaviour

Czech geese are lively, intelligent birds who are quite vocal but in a less obvious way than Chinese. They are excellent broodies and raise their own goslings but are very protective parents. They love to graze and be busy and make super birds for the orchard or large garden as they are good natured and friendly. They are of course a hardy breed.

Czech geese are small white geese. They are strikingly pure white with blue eyes and orange red bill and legs. They have a distinctive thick neck which is approximately half the body length and the face gives the appearance of having 'chubby round cheeks'. Their legs are short and stocky and the body is 'egg shaped' – a goose full of curves – an appealing shape.

The breed is light.

There are enthusiastic breeders but as with all white breeds, you need to be sure that it is Czech that you are buying not an undersized larger white breed or even a commercial. You can only do that by looking at the other birds and seeing the breeding programme.

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