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Buff Grey Back Geese

Buff Grey Back History

Pied (or saddle back) geese have been traditionally associated with the Baltic area – from Poland and Germany to Sweden. No doubt kept for the traditional reason of producing meat from grass, these birds were hardy and were good converters of grass to meat.

In 1966 Mrs M A R Hunt wrote in the British Waterfowl Association Yearbook that she felt this little known breed should be far better known. She thought they were good looking, intelligent and recommended keeping them for guard geese as well as for the table. She went on to say that “In fact this is one domestic breed which I have been quite unable to fault”

Buff Grey Back Behaviour

In line with a goose that would have been domesticated for many years, this breed is calm and friendly. They produce a fairly large carcass and produce 20-30 eggs a year. Many people also now claim they make a great family pet. They like space to graze and are good parent, rearing their own goslings.

This goose has very regular markings – in both sexes they have solid coloured heads and a heart shape of buff on the back and buff on the thighs. The plumage is hard and tight. The rest of the bird is a pure white. The eyes are blue and the bill and legs are orange. The Grey Back has similar origins and the same shape and markings in grey.

It is a medium breed.

Not a common goose especially in grey. Be careful not to confuse with the Pomeranian – this breed has a single lobe in the paunch whereas other pied breeds have a double lobe.

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