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Roman Geese

Roman Goose with distinctive tuft Pair of roman geese

Roman History

As its name suggests this breed has connections with Ancient Rome. The legend has it that the Roman goose saved Rome from the Gauls in 390 BC. The Gauls were poised to enter the City but as the first Gauls climbed over a balcony and into the Capitol, the geese started honking loudly and flapping their wings frantically as the man came into view. Their cackling aroused Marcus Manlius who was on guard nearby. As soon as he realised what was happening he sprang into action. The sacred geese of Juno (The Capitoline Geese) had won the day!

These geese also crossed the alps with the armies. These geese were seen throughout Europe and Italian geese were imported into Britain in 1888. By 1932 Stanley Street-Porter was saying in Feathered World Year Book that he had bred them for many years and he was “of the opinion they are the best and most profitable geese for utility purposes in existence.” It was noted at this time that some of these geese were crested and in the USA the breed is usually crested and is known as the Roman Tufted.

Roman Behaviour

Roman geese are very active and love to forage and graze. They are robust and lively but have a friendly temperament. Being naturally alert they make good watch geese. The Roman geese were developed in the UK as utility geese as they are reasonable egg layer (30-60 eggs a season) and have a very plump but small meaty carcase. They are naturally good breeders and make good parents.

Romans are very compact geese with deep bodies. They are completely white with orange pink legs and light blue eyes. The crested version have a tuft of feathers on the crown of their head.

This is a light goose breed.

Tufted examples are quite hard to find. When buying it is very important that you check they are true Roman geese rather than an undersized bird or a young bird from a larger white breed or even a commercial breed. Ensure that the legs and bill are orange pink and that the eyes are blue and check out the origin of the goose you are buying.

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