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Pomeranian Geese

Pomeranian Goose on the water Pair of pomeranian geese interacting

Pomeranian History

As their name suggest, they originated in Pomerania which is part of Poland and Northern German) and were bred for meat and goose fat. As with all the goose breeds who were providing food and other products (fat, dripping and feathers) several centuries ago, they were doing this in a harsh environment and having to forage for food over a wide area. As the breast of the goose was very important they were selected to have a broad, big chest and this reflected in their appearance today.

The Pomeranian was classified here in the UK in 1982.

Pomeranian Behaviour

Pomeranians are strong active geese who needs space and grass to forage. They are very alert and good (but less noisy than the Chinese goose) guard geese. They are good egg layers – up to 40-50 a year and are reliable parents. Treat them with respect though as the breed have learnt to survive in challenging conditions through their intelligence and strong personality – they need to be busy not kept in a small pen.

As with the Buff Back they are pied but the difference is that they have to have a single central lobe on the paunch not a double. The paunch is the understand that runs from just in front to behind the legs. In this country they are recognised in three colours, Pied, Grey and White. All colours have hard, tight plumage which would have been necessary for the harsh environment where they originated. The Pied variety is well marked with a dark grey solid colour head and heart shaped saddle on its back. The bill is pinkish or orange-pink and the legs are also orange red.

The Grey is similar in colouring to the Toulouse goose which can cause confusion. The White is pure White with blue eyes and bright orange legs and a pink to orange-red bill. As with all white geese it is essential when buying to be sure you are buying the breed of goose that you want rather than a specimen of another goose or even commercial so be sure to look at the breeder's other stock.

It is a medium breed.

Numbers are low and there can be an issue with in breeding. But it is a popular exhibition bird so experts are carrying on the lines.

Pomeranian Status


Pomeranian Pictures

Pomeranian Goose on a trampoline

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