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What To Do When Your Cat Has Gone Missing

First of all, is she really missing? Start by looking in the most obvious places, in the immediate vicinity. Cats often find little hideaways that they become very attached to. Call the cat’s name, and check the following first:

  • Every room, including attics and cellars
  • Cupboards and wardrobes
  • Any container or hideaway, including boxes, desks, and underneath beds
  • Washing machines, tumble-dryers and other household appliances
  • Outbuildings – sheds, garages, etc
  • Vehicles – yours and your neighbours’
  • Your garden, including dense flower beds, hedgerows and trees
  • The gardens in the immediate vicinity, including outbuildings. Ask your neighbours first!
  • Any tall trees in which she may be stranded.

A white and ginger cat sitting on a gravel path
Lost, or just on extended leave?

If, after these searches, the cat fails to turn up, the next thing to do is to ask around as widely as possible. Check lost and found sections in local newspapers and online forums.

Advertise a Missing Cat

  • Put flyers up in the neighborhood, with a photo and description of your cat
  • Ask local stores if they will put a flyer in their window
  • Ask at local schools, as children can be very eagle-eyed when it comes to neighborhood cats
  • Put an ads in the local media: newspapers, radio, TV
  • Inform any local animal charities
  • Use word-of-mouth, informing everyone you can think of – neighbors, mail and other delivery staff, stores, bars, police, churches, vets – whoever you’ve got in your neighbourhood, ask them about the missing cat
  • Use the internet and social media – check out local sites that could be useful for placing missing announcements, or mobilizing cat lovers to be on the lookout

Hopefully, your missing cat is just hiding
Hopefully, your missing cat is just hiding

When a Missing Cat Doesn’t Reappear

You’ll have to be brave and take a drive along the local roads too, in case the cat has had an accident.

If you find no evidence that something tragic has happened, keep on with the social media and local neighbourhood campaigns. Don’t give up hope just yet! Sometimes cats, unknown to you, will ‘adopt’ a second ‘owner’, travelling to their house for food, fuss and affection. If your cat has identification on her collar, this is unlikely to result in the other ‘owner’ taking full ownership.

It also happens occasionally that cats go missing and return several months later – even years, in some of the more legendary examples – and we can only wonder what adventured they have been through in these situations!

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