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Cat Collars And Microchips

With the addition of a tag containing your contact details, collars are essential items for a cat. They should be snug but not too tight – if you can fit a finger between the collar and the cat’s neck, that’s about right.

You can buy ones that snap open for quick release if she gets her collar caught in something. These are better than elasticated ones, which can trap the cat’s limbs, or her jaw if the collar is too loose.

Cat wearing a collar and tag
Cat with collar... and fish!

The tag should contain your contact information and any health problems your cat may have.

Cat Microchip

Microchips are a great innovation for pet identification. If your pet goes missing, a vet, animal shelter or even the local police are able to scan for a microchip which will bring up your address and contact information on the database.

A cat being scanned for a microchip
Cat scan? The cat's microchip contains owner information, so it's much harder for her to "disappear"

Currently, no State in the US has mandatory microchipping for cats (although some municipalities do). Many vets and animal rights groups think all cats should be microchipped.

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