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How To Stop Your Dog Whining In His Crate

Like children complaining about early bedtime, whining in the crate usually happens when puppies either have too much energy, or if they feel worried or uncomfortable. It's really important to remember that a crate should not be used to hold your dog for long periods of time. That's why we call it a dog crate, and not a cage. Crate training always works best when your dog is given breaks to exercise, play and bond with you and your family.

A beautiful little <a target=Great Dane puppy who can actually be over exercised">
A Great Dane puppy - he needs a good balance of time in and out of the crate

Step One

When your puppy begins to whine it is important that you do not approach him. Every time you give him attention he will think that he is being rewarded for it. Instead, make a noise that he will associate with bad behavior - "Tsst!”, for example.

Step Two

As soon as your puppy is quiet and calm, reward him with a dog treat. Don’t give him too much praise, though, otherwise he might actually think that you are rewarding his whining, and move away as soon as you have given him the treat. Repeat this process every time he stops whining. Your dog will begin to learn that you (the pack leader), will only reappear when he is calm and quiet.

Step Three

After a few times rewarding your dog and correcting his unwanted behavior, open the crate door and invite him out. Repeat this process several times a day (or every time he is in his crate) so that he begins to understand how he needs to behave to work for a reward.

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Jane, 27 March 2023

Thanks I'm going to try this tonight

Dana, 8 January 2019

What stopped my 2 month old pitbull puppy from whining at night in her crate was first making sure she got plenty of excersize and was able to go potty beforehand, then putting her crate in my bedroom on the floor by my bed. So that way she's able to see me and so far no barking or whining. She's sound asleep and snoring lol.

Debbie, 18 December 2018

Hi im having problems with my puppy at night in her crate shes fine at first then howls and screams very loud for ages what can i do to stop this

Elizabeth, 22 August 2018

Hi we got a westies pup yesterday so 1st night away from his mother were only keeping him in cage until he's trained but he whined and barked on and off all night any advice