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Dog Crates For The Car

It is really reassuring to have your dog safely inside their crate when you have them in the car. When taking your dog on an adventure there's a lot of room for disaster if they are unsecure in the boot or footwell. Dog crates are a good solution - they provide a comfortable, calm and secure environment in the car so you needn’t worry.

The Fido Classic is a great choice - it can be used in and around the home as well as in the car

It is best to use a dog crate for your car after you have crate-trained your dog at home. This way, he won't be distressed or confused when first put in the crate. Important: It's a good idea to remove your dog’s collar before you invite him into the car crate - there is a small chance that it could get caught, which may cause him to choke.

We have an excellent option for a portable dog crate - the Fido Classic is an great choice for both the home and the car. It's a unit that gives your dog the familiarity of the same structure, whether he's resting at home or on a journey in the car. The simplicity of set-up means that it's easy to fold this unit away for storage, as well as making it perfect for use on-the-go.

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