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Making Crate Training An Enjoyable Experience

Crate training is an important process in your dog's life, and so you'll want to make the experience enjoyable for both you and your pet. The key thing is to make sure that your friend is happy and comfortable in their crate. There are a number of things that you can do to reinforce the idea that this is a nice, safe space for your dog to be in.

The Fido Classic can be purchased with a snug Luxury Dog Bed for your pet to curl up on after a long day

  • Create a positive association with the crate using food and treats. Start feeding your dog near to the crate, and perhaps even put treats in the bedding. This way the idea of food, which is positive, will be associated with the crate.

  • Use a blanket. Covering the top of the cage will give it a more solid, den-like appearance, and may make some dogs more comfortable with using it.

  • Crate train slowly. You need to be patient with your pet, as this can be a bit of a difficult concept for them to grasp. If you rush training, it's unlikely to stick, and this can create frustration for the pair of you.

Some excellent options for crates are the Fido Studio and the Fido Classic. Both will provide a safe, secure home for your pet, whether you choose the stationary Fido Studio to stylishly incorporate your dog's crate into your home, or if you opt for the Fido Classic to allow your dog's crate to be used in the car as well as at home.

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