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Drinking Water For Dogs

Some dogs slurp up water as if they’ve been in the desert for months, while others will only go for an occasional drink.

Whatever his thirst, water is absolutely essential for your dog, as it is with all animals.

Dog drinking from bowl outdoors
Always have fresh drinking water available for your dog

Your dog must be provided with a fresh, clean bowl of water at all times. After exercise and in hot weather he will be very thirsty, so it is vital that his bowl is always topped up. If you decide to feed your dog dry food then he will desperately want a drink once he has cleaned his bowl.

It is important that you monitor how much your dog drinks to see if it changes. If you notice that your dog is drinking far more or a lot less than he usually does, contact your vet.

Should A Dog Drink Water If It Is Being Sick?

Only offer your dog small amounts of water if he is vomiting. Allowing him to drink as much as he likes will cause further vomiting and your dog will lose vital fluids and nutrients.

Bladder Infection

It is important to note that if your dog has a urinary infection then you should encourage him to drink regularly.

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