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Dry Dog Food Or Wet Dog Food?

Good quality packaged dog food (wet or dry) contains a balance of all of the nutritional requirements for a healthy and happy dog. They also provide the correct amount of energy that is needed for your dog’s exercise and muscular activity. Your vet will be able to offer recommendations for dog food that might be best for your dog, but in general the best thing to do is to search for an affordable dog food that has been designed for the size of your dog.

Breeds Lakutian Laika playing outdoors
This Lakutian Laika is enjoying the good life, and that's partly down to a good diet

It’s best to ignore words like “gourmet”, “natural”, “premium” or “best ever”. These are marketing ploys to get you to buy. These labels and claims aren’t regulated very tightly, so don’t take too much notice to them.

Choose a food that suits your dog’s lifestyle and always go with the best you can afford. Your dog will soon show the benefits in health, appearance and energy levels, and the final payoff will be longevity.

A Beagle pup eating a bowl of food
A Beagle pup needs a diet that fuels his busy lifestyle

Formulated Dog Food For Dogs With Allergies

There are a range of specially formulated dog food products that can provide for all kinds of dogs, including those with vitamin deficiencies or allergies. You can also get food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Make sure you choose one that is affordable for you, so that you don’t have to swap brands after a few weeks. Remember, changing your dog’s diet suddenly will give him an upset stomach, so stick with one food to keep your dog happy. If you do have to swap foods, manage the switchover by feeding the old and new food in the same bowl, allowing the new one to take a larger proportion each meal time.

Dry Dog Food

  • Dry dog treats and food tends to be less expensive and can be bought in sacks, in bulk, meaning less trips to the supermarket
  • Storing dry food is very easy, as its shelf life is long
  • It cleans dogs’ teeth better than wet food by removing plaque

A great big bowl of dry dog food
A great big bowl of dry dog food

  • The moisture content in dry dog food is much lower than in wet dog food - older or sick dogs benefit from having the extra moisture content
  • Wet Dog Food (Canned)

    • It tends to have higher-quality protein (i.e. high meat content) and fewer preservatives and fillers. This is not the case with some of the cheaper brands, though
    • Wet food tends to have fewer calories and carbohydrates
    • It's better for dogs with delicate gums, missing teeth, poorly aligned jaws or smaller mouths
    • It can be a good source of hydration, especially for dogs who don’t drink enough
    • Unwell dogs who have lost their appetite or sense of smell might favor wet dog food (it’s usually pretty pungent)

    A bowl of wet dog food
    A bowl of wet dog food

    • The shelf life of opened canned dog food is very limited
    • It is usually bought in smaller amounts, which means more trips to the supermarket
    • Some dogs tend to be quite messy when eating it (you might not want a big wet kiss from your dog after he has just eaten a bowl of wet dog food!)
    • Wet dog food doesn’t clean dogs' teeth like dry dog food does, so it may not be best for dogs who are prone to developing tooth problems

    When you feed your dog always make sure that you provide a bowl of fresh, clean water. A dog that is fed on dry food will need more water after he has eaten than one that is fed on wet food due to the higher water content of wet dog food. The bowl should never be allowed to stand empty.

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Chris, 25 June 2021

That's amazing! To add more, Dry dog ​​food has advantages over wet dog food does not require cooling after opening, and can also be a little cheaper than wet and canned food varieties. Wet dog food tends to contain more meat and fewer fillers, but it’s expensive. You can check our blog for more info