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Dog kennels

Dog kennels play a crucial role in providing a safe and secure space for our furry friends when we can't be with them. Whether you're heading off on a vacation, a work trip, or simply need a break, understanding the ins and outs of dog kennels is essential for ensuring your pet's well-being. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about dog kennels, from when to use them to alternative options and everything in between.

Woman carrying Omlet’s Cushion Dog Bed
Make your dog’s stay at the kennels less stressful by taking along their bed.

When to use dog kennels

A dog kennel serves as a safe haven for your furry friend in various situations. Primarily, it becomes invaluable when you need to travel or attend events where pets may not be allowed. Entrusting your dog to a reputable kennel ensures they receive proper care, attention, and a secure environment in your absence.

Whether it's a weekend getaway, a business trip, or a family vacation, a dog kennel offers peace of mind, knowing your canine companion is in capable hands. Additionally, kennels are beneficial during home renovations or gatherings where the noise and activity might stress your dog. Choosing a reliable kennel ensures your pet's well-being and allows you to focus on your commitments with confidence, knowing your loyal companion is enjoying their own little retreat.

Is your dog ready for a kennel?

Determining if your dog is ready for a kennel involves thoughtful consideration of several factors. Firstly, consider their age – puppies may require more frequent attention and specific care routines, while older dogs might be more adaptable to short-term stays. Be sure to also assess your dog's training; a well-behaved pup is more likely to thrive in a kennel environment than one that is still working on basic commands.

Keep an eye on canine separation anxiety levels as well - some dogs may struggle with being away from their owners. Gradual exposure to short absences and positive reinforcement can help ease anxiety. Ultimately, a dog is ready for a kennel when they have reached a level of maturity, undergone proper training, and shows signs of emotional resilience to handle temporary separations.

What to expect from dog kennels

If you’ve never taken your dog for a stay at a dog kennel before, it’s important that you manage your expectations ahead of time. When entrusting your furry friend to a dog kennel, you not only want to expect a professional and caring environment that prioritizes your dog's well-being, but a place where you feel comfortable leaving your best friend as well.

Expert care: You’re looking for a knowledgeable and well-trained staff that provides round-the-clock care and attention. Having a staff that is enthusiastic and loves what they do is crucial.

Safe and clean facilities: Not all dog kennels are created the same so it’s essential that you check out the facilities ahead of your dog’s stay to ensure it’s a secure and hygienic space. You also want to confirm that your dog can sleep on their own comfy dog bed each night so they can have some sense of familiarity during their stay.

Regular exercise: Whether your dog loves long walks or not, you want a dog kennel that has regularly scheduled activities to keep your pup active and happy. Some dogs can feel overwhelmed being in a new place and the ability to run out some of that anxious energy can make a big difference in their ability to relax.

Transparent communication: When you bring your dog to stay at a kennel, you’re ensuring the care of your furry friend to someone else. In order to foster trust and confidence in their care, be sure the dog kennel provides regular updates on your dog's stay, health and any related information you need to know. Some dog kennels even provide doggy cams where you can check in on them from afar.

Alternative options to kennels

For pet owners seeking alternatives to traditional kennels, there are several enticing options that prioritize your dog's comfort and well-being. Consider hiring a professional pet sitter who can provide one-on-one attention in the familiar surroundings of your home, minimizing stress for your furry friend. Or seek the help from trusted friends or family members who may also be willing to take on the responsibility, offering a loving and familiar setting for your pet.

If your schedule permits, you can also explore pet-friendly hotels or vacation rentals that allow you to bring your dog along on your travels. Some establishments even go the extra mile, providing pet amenities and services. Dog kennels can be great options but are not for every dog so by exploring these alternatives, you can tailor your pet's experience to their unique needs, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable arrangement for everyone.

Omlet and your dog

Choosing the right dog kennel or alternative option is a decision that requires careful consideration. At Omlet, we design and create a range of solutions to ensure your dog's comfort and well-being wherever they go. With a vast array of cozy dog beds, super soft dog blankets, and durable dog crates we understand your dog's needs. By taking the necessary precautions, you can make the experience positive and stress-free for both you and your beloved companion. Invest in the right products and services to guarantee a happy and comfortable stay for your furry friend, no matter the circumstances.

Jack Russell terrier on Omlet’s Bolster Dog Bed with Luxury Faux Sheepskin Dog Blanket
Your dog will feel right at home with their Luxury Faux Sheepskin Dog Blanket from Omlet.

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