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How To Train Your Dog To Lie Down And Stay

Nothing is more rewarding than teaching your dog new commands and seeing him enjoy the learning process. Teaching your dog to lie and stay can be useful when you need him to stay and be calm for longer periods of time.

Reward-based training is the best method of teaching your dog a command. Make sure that you reward your dog with a treat and lots of verbal praise immediately after he correctly follows your command.

Dog training lie down
Teaching a dog to lie down - an important part of basic training

Dogs are very observant of your body language, so always repeat each hand signal in the same way. They are also very perceptive animals, which is why they respond very well to voice commands.

  • Make sure that each command is clear and short to prevent confusing your dog whilst training.

  • Make your dog sit before you begin to teach him to lie down.

  • Give your dog the verbal command “Down” and then bring a treat down past his nose towards the floor.

  • Keep the dog treat in your hand on the floor and slowly move it away from your dog’s nose, towards your feet.

  • As he follows the treat with his nose he should fall into the “Down” position. As soon as he lies down, immediately give him the treat and reward him with lots of praise.

  • Stand up and take a step backwards to encourage your dog to get back up, and then repeat this process until your dog becomes comfortable with it. Once he gets good at it put the treat in one hand behind your back. Repeat the process but use your empty hand to guide your dog into the “Down” position. Reward him with the treat as soon as he falls into the correct position.

Teaching a Black Labrador to lay down and wait
Teaching a Black Labrador to lay down and wait

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